An enhanced premium potting mix – 3Sixty’s recipe 420 premium potting soil mix is the most special blend of ingredients, hand-selected specifically for the needs of professional flower growers and to address the specific requirements of organic growers. 420 Mix is comprised of earthworm castings, vermiculite and perlite which is optimally balanced for ideal pH and moisture retention while, well-draining. Root growth is enhanced by this mix to support demanding floral crops. A soil with excellent air-filled pore spaces, ideal for those special plants that need special attention, i.e. clivia, hemp, herbs, vegetables, etc.100% natural and organic blend of high-performance ingredients, rich organics and hard-working microbes. 420 Mix premium potting soil is ready to use right out of the bag in any pot size from starter pots to larger containers, and even high-volume grow bags.

3Sixty 420 Mix

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