Green House Powder Feeding – BioEnhancer is the key to getting an explosive, vigorous, productive and flavorful crop. It contains algae extract, humic acids, mychorrhizae, Bacillus Subtilis and no NPK.The main purpose Green House Powder Feeding – BioEnhancer is to increase your plants’ vitality, increasing available nutrients and bringing important bacterial life to your soil. The plants’ roots live in a sort of symbiosis with the fungi in this product, which “colonize” your plants, creating a protective barrier between your plants and other fungi that want to attack them.They also increase your plants’ root volume, making your plant capable of absorbing more water and in turn, more nutrients and fertilisers. You should use it on newly planted seeds, or recently rooted cuttings. The earlier the better.Each time you transplant one of your plants, you should use this product so that they take to the soil and form healthy roots.We recommend applying this formula to the leaves using about 3-5g per 10L water, because the stomata in your plants’ leaves are also able to absorb a lot of the properties in the formula, helping promote growth and flowering.Once you’ve prepared the mix in water, you need to use it within 24h or else it will have gone off and won’t be helpful at all.Composition:75% Humic Acid3% Fulvic Acid10% algae extract10% Trichoderma HarzianumPh 9.3Carbohydrates:Alginic AcidMannitolFucoidanAmino Acids:AlainaAspartic AcidGlutamic AcidGlycineIsoleucineLysineMelthioninePhenylamineProlineTyrosineValineTryptophanDosage and how to use:0.5g – 1g per 1L water every two weeksFoliar application: 3-5g per 10L water.Use within 24 hours after mixing!Coco: Adjust the pH of your water before adding BioEnhancer to 5.0

GreenHouse Feeding BioEnhancer

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