Green House Powder Feeding – Hybrids is specifically designed for the growth and flowering stages of those plant varieties that originate from hybrid crosses with an intermediate flowering time, 8-9 weeks.PLEASE USE IN CONJUNCTION WITH GREEN HOUSE POWDER FEEDING CALCIUM FOR OPTIMAL RESULTS.Its formula provides carefully prepared macro and micro-elements in a balanced manner for all phases, growth and flowering.Without adding other components throughout the cycle, nutrients are provided in the proper ratio for easy absorption, ideal for long flowering plants.Green House Powder Feeding can be used on every medium.Ideal for:CichoriumAsteraceaeSun flowersetc.Packet Sizes: 1Kg & 500gThe feeding schedule is slightly different and if using anything other than soil we recommend using a PH- and EC-meter in order to achieve the desired values and have full control over your feeding solution

GreenHouse Feeding Hybrid

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